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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yep! We're old fogies

In our ward Sunday bulletin, they post a family history challenge each month. This month we have had a lot of fun waxing nostalgic and discussing the topic. The assignment is to list things that you remember that your children would not know anything about. We came up with an extensive list!vinyl records (I owned Thriller, Grease, and Sleeping Beauty) I used to dance and get in trouble for making the records skip and scratch.
  • cassette tapes for that matter
  • Easy Bake oven (I always wanted one)
  • Snoopy Snow Cone machine
  • Weeble Wobbles
  • Big Wheels
  • The dolls that grow hair and then it sucks back into their heads
  • Barbie heads for make-up and hair styling
  • Manually changing channels and volume on the TV
  • TV shows as: Brady Bunch, Fantasy Island, Romper Room, Love Boat, Buck Rogers, Dukes of Hazard, Welcome Back Kotter, Mash, Hart to Hart, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Murder She Wrote, Muppet Show, Family Ties, Scooby Doo, Charlie's Angels
  • Movies: Star Wars, Better Off Dead, War Games, Dark Crystal, Sixteen Candles, TeenWolf, Back to the Future, Footloose, Rocky, Superman, Somewhere in Time, Fame
  • drive-in movie theaters
  • typewriters and why they ding
  • carbon paper
  • rotary dial telephones with coiled cord
  • Atari
  • having to go to an arcade to play video games like Pac Man
  • Roller skating at the roller rink
  • Station wagons with rear facing seats and no seat belts or car seats, no power anything or ac, rolling down windows manually
  • clogs
  • thongs (the shoes)
  • long white socks with stripes on the top worn with shorts
  • stirrup pants
  • peg legging your jeans
  • bleach spotting jeans
  • rockers and wavers
  • mullets (yes Hubby had one)
  • feathered bangs
  • hair to heaven bangs
  • Having free rein of the neighborhood until dark
  • Not having a computer, Internet, cellphones, microwaves, etc.
  • Carrying dimes for the pay phone
  • glass pop bottles
Even though many toys and shows are being recreated as "retro" they're just not the same.
We just realized that most of the people who read this blog wont know half of the things we are talking about. If you do, give us a shout out so we don't feel so alone in our old age.

No Idle Curiosity Here!

Through a couple of  Freckles' recent comments I have realized that I am becoming a true veteran of motherhood. Notice I said "becoming", I don't believe I, or anyone for that matter can know or catch everything their children think or do. 
The other day, while driving on the freeway, we noticed a motorcyclist passing us. Freckles piped up from the back seat and asked us, "Is it against the law for dwarves to ride motorcycles?"  Hubby and I looked at each other, puzzled, and laughing. Then it hit me. We have been having "discussions" lately why he cannot have a minibike. I guess he figured if he was too little to have one then maybe a dwarf would be too little to ride a motorcycle.

A few minutes later, he asked "Could a thorn from a rose bush pop one of the tires on this car?"  Hubby said no. About 30 seconds later I realized we need some elaboration and clarification. I said "But, a nail or any other sharp object will pop a tire, so don't start poking things into the tires or you will really be in trouble!"  Hubby gave me an appreciative glance and said, "Good catch! I thought he was just asking from idle curiosity."

Around here, there is no such thing as idle curiosity!