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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We hit a pretty big milestone last week.  #1 turned 12 years old.  My big boy is moving forward. My mother-heart aches a little for my little boy.

This year he leaves behind Elementary School, and recess, myriads of field trips, and the students that have been in his class for the past 4 years. He leaves behind Primary at church. For me he will be conspicuously missing on Mother's day and the Primary Program in the Fall. He will join the ranks of young men reverently passing the sacrament.  Such heavy responsibility on narrow shoulders but I know his spirit is strong enough to carry it.

Next year he will be playing percussion in the band (apparently it's the place to be), applying for yearbook staff, joining math and science club, and trying out for the community swim team. I'm tired just thinking about it! We'll see how well we can both keep up.

So many changes. However, there  are things he has promised will never change and I will hold him to them! He has promised that he will always give me a hug on demand (as long as it's not in an embarrassing situation). He will always be my boy and remember that I love him, no matter what. With that, and a testimony of the love of his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I hope he will weather whatever storms may come.