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Monday, January 31, 2011

14 Days of Valentines

I started a tradition a few years ago that we really enjoy. From the first day of February until Valentines Day, I give the kids a small treat or gift. I just finished putting them together for tomorrow. I try to have all of them ready in advance so I am not scrambling every day. I still have 2 or 3 that I still need to get but the rest are ready! Even though they are almost the same every year, the kids don’t care and they get so excited. One year I even made a giant heart shaped puzzle with a message on it and gave a puzzle piece each day. The kids really had fun using sticky tack and putting it together on the wall. If I get a chance tomorrow before they get home from school, I may do that again this year. This year I found a cut little mailbox at the Target Dollar Spot that I will put them in and raise the flag. I wish I had one for each child to have their own. I will allow them to open the mailbox as soon as everyone is home from school! Here is a list of the fun treat and gift ideas that I use. I just print out the little message on colored paper and cut them into hearts to tape onto the item.
I love your little tootsies! (tootsie rolls)

You’ve always “mint” the world to me! (Andes or York mints)
You always help me out when I’m in a (Crunch bar)
You are the greatest - Bar None! (granola gar)
You Warm my heart! (hot chocolate mix)
Let it be posted, you’re the best! (Post-it pad & pencil)
“Soda” you know I love you? (small can of soda)
Kisses, just for you! or Smootches, just for you!(Hershey's Kisses)
You’re so cheesy, you cracker me up! (cheese & cracker pack)
I couldn’t bear to live without you! (cinnamon bears)
You are my sweetart! (Sweettarts)
I don’t mean to be “gushy” but, I love you! (Gushers fruit snacks)
You make me smile! (Walmart fruit snack smiles)
No TWIX, I love you! (Twix candy bar)
You're worth more to me than 100 GRAND (100 Grand candy bar)
You're EXTRA special to me (Extra gum)
Don't SNICKER, because I love you. (Snickers candy bar)
HUGS & KISSES, just for you. (Hershey Hugs and Kisses candies)
I love your BUBBLY personality (bubbles)
Just POPPED by to say Be Mine (bubbles)
Valentine you make my heart float (bubbles)
I’m BUBBLING over with love (bubbles)

The other tradition we have, is that Hubby brings home a balloon for each of the kids. The kids sure love balloons and Hubby loves to pick them out! What do you do to make Valentines Day special?

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