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Friday, March 4, 2011

Little One on Modesty

I was listening in on a conversation from the backseat between the

two girls. They had the Ariel Barbie and Sunshine asked why her tummy was showing. We have been working to teach our girls about dressing modestly and I have wondered how to handle the competing world views. As I scrambled in my brain to come up with an explanation they could understand and accept, Little One beat me to it with a much better explanation than I was preparing. I was ready to dive into the fact that not everyone has the same standards that we do and the fact that the makers of the doll don't think or believe the same things we do etc etc....

Little One's explanation was perfect. "She is a mermaid and lives in the water. If she wore a long shirt in the water it would get very wet and heavy. When she becomes a girl she covers her tummy."
I need to retrain my brain. Perfect simplicity!

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